Friday, May 29, 2009

B.O. Motors and Peace

Hello, I have some cartoons that I think are pretty funny. The art work is very well done, excellent line work and stylazation of the characters involved. Everything is easy to read and it brings the points home.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

What my instincts are telling me...

I thought I would start a blog dedicated to one of my small passions, political cartoons. They are funny, disturbing, irreverent, and to the point. Both sides, right and left, have their own with drastically different views. Most are very well drawn. I'll be finding the ones that stick out to me and posting a few of my own. I'll leave the comments open for everyone to post what they think about the featured cartoon. I warn you though, the only thing I'll censor is swearing and really vulgar language. I just wanted to get that out in the open for my first posting, so everyone knows the rules.

To start things off, I thought I start with one I drew up last night. The stimulus package worries me allot. I don't agree with the idea that we need to do something, anything. It's like finding a man unconscious on the ground, something must be done, but not just anything. The right action must be taken because taking the wrong action for the situation can cause much more damage to the victim then not doing anything at all. And that leads us to my cartoon. We were told that there would be no pork in the stimulus bill. How do we spend 1 trillion dollars? Here's a few examples: $1 billion for Community Development Block Grants; $170 million for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration to research the causes, effects, and ways to mitigate climate change; and $200 million for Americorps and other paid "volunteerism" programs to name a few. Now, we were told that there was not going to be any pork in this bill, that's not what I see. This can't be good for the future. I'm not a politician, so I don't know the best thing to do is, but this pet project doesn't sit right with me. All the lipstick in the world still won't change what it is underneath.